Community medicine-the study of health and disease in a defined community; the practice of medicine in such a setting. 
Public health services emphasizing preventive medicine and epidemiology for members of a given community. Objectives of course. At the end of course, students  will able to: 

1.       Describe the concepts of community health and measures of levels of health.

2.       Describe the epidemiological methods.

 3.       Apply appropriate epidemiological methods to communicable and non-communicable diseases in the hospital and community situations

4.       Use epidemiological tools to make rational decisions relevant at the individual and community levels.


5.       Describe and use basic bio-statistical methods.


6.       Select, use and interpret bio-statistical methods to make inferences from hospital/community data.


7.       Describe the demographic pattern of the country and its relation to health.


8.       Define vital statistics and describe the various methods that are used to collect vital statistics in India.


9.       Describe environmental hazards - inside the home, at the workplace and in the community.


10.   Describe and analyze the importance of water and sanitation in human health.


11.   Suggest feasible methods of environmental control at household and community levels.


12.   Describe common occupational hazards in industries, agriculture, and services available to industrial workers.


13.   Describe feasible methods of control of occupational hazards.


14.   Plan, collect, analyze, interpret and present data from a hospital/community survey.


15.   Describe and analyze the roles of the individuals, family, community and socio-cultural milieu in health and disease.


16.    Diagnose and manage maternal and child health problems and advise couples and the community on

Community Medicine





the family planning methods available.


17.   Diagnose and manage common nutritional problems at the individual and community levels.


18.   Describe the methods of nutritional assessment in the community.


19.   Describe the important/common health problems in India.


20.   Describe the School Health Programme


21.   Describe the health information system in India with reference to the Management Information System.


22.   Describe and evaluate the National Health Programmes.